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Información del libro THE WORLD S WORST CHILDREN 2 esta escrito en castellano, por la editorial HARPERCOLLINS PUB. cuyo autor DAVID WALLIAMS , 2018 ha querido plasmar en este ejemplar de 579 paginas sobre Literatura todo su potencial. La identificación oficial del libro es 9780008259655 ISBN

  • Categoria Literatura
  • Autor DAVID WALLIAMS , 2018
  • Paginas 579
  • ISBN 9780008259655

Descripción del libro THE WORLD S WORST CHILDREN 2 y sinopsis completa

The brilliant continuation of David Walliams' bestseller The World's Worst Children!

Ten more stories about a new gang of hilarious and horrible kids from the favorite author of all children.

If you thought you'd already read about the Worst Kids in the World, you're going to get a pretty nasty surprise.

The bestial children and horrifying girls in this book are even ruder, even more disgusting and WORSE than you can imagine.

This glorious collection of ten stories from the master himself, David Walliams, will make you snort with laughter and thank your lucky stars who do not know anyone like Gruesome Griselda or Fussy Frankie in real life.

It also has a special appearance of Raj, the favorite of fans.

The World's Worst Children 2 is a companion to David, The World's Worst Children, perfect for fans 9 years and older.

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