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Información del libro SILENCE (FILM) esta escrito en castellano, por la editorial PAN BOOKS LTD cuyo autor SHUSAKU ENDO , 2017 ha querido plasmar en este ejemplar de 704 paginas sobre Literatura todo su potencial. La identificación oficial del libro es 9781447299844 ISBN

  • Categoria Literatura
  • Autor SHUSAKU ENDO , 2017
  • Paginas 704
  • ISBN 9781447299844
  • Editorial PAN BOOKS LTD

Descripción del libro SILENCE (FILM) y sinopsis completa

With an introduction by Martin Scorsese `One of the best historical novels written by anyone, anywhere, without flaws' - David Mitchell Father Rodrigues is an idealistic Portuguese Jesuit priest who, in the 1640s, set sail for Japan on a determined mission to help brutally oppressed Japanese Christians and uncover the truth behind unimaginable rumors that their famous master Ferreira has renounced his faith.

Once faced with the realities of religious persecution, Rodrigues himself is forced to make an impossible decision: whether to abandon his flock or his God.

Winner of the 1966 Tanizaki Prize, Silence is Shusaku Endo's most acclaimed novel and a classic of its kind.

It caused a great deal of controversy in Japan after its publication in 1967.

Silence will soon be a great film directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver.

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