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Información del libro LAROSE esta escrito en castellano, por la editorial CORSAIR cuyo autor LOUISE ERDRICH , 2017 ha querido plasmar en este ejemplar de 448 paginas sobre Literatura todo su potencial. La identificación oficial del libro es 9781472151858 ISBN

  • Categoria Literatura
  • Autor LOUISE ERDRICH , 2017
  • Paginas 448
  • ISBN 9781472151858
  • Editorial CORSAIR

Descripción del libro LAROSE y sinopsis completa

Late summer in North Dakota, 1999:

Landreaux Iron stalks a deer at the edge of the property that borders his.

He shoots with confidence, but only when he staggers does he realize that he has killed his neighbor's son.

Dusty Ravich, the deceased child, was the best friend of Landreaux's five-year-old son, LaRose.

The two families have been together for years and their children have played together despite going to different schools.

Landreaux is horrified by what he has done; fighting his long-standing alcoholism, he locks himself in a sweat lodge and prays for guidance.

And there he discovers an old way of doing justice for the evil he has done.

The next day, he and his wife Emmaline deliver LaRose to Ravich's bereaved parents.

Standing on the doorstep of the Ravich's home, they say, 'Our son will be your son now.

LaRose is quickly absorbed into her new family.

Little by little he is allowed visits with his biological family, whose pain for the son and brother they gave away is a mirror of that of the Raviches.

The years go by and LaRose becomes the axis that unites both families.

As the Irons and Ravishes become more and more intertwined, their pain begins to diminish.

But when a man who bears a grudge against Landreaux notices the idea that there was a cover-up the day Landreaux killed Dusty - and decides to reveal this secret - he threatens the fragile peace between the two families....

Biografia del escritor LOUISE ERDRICH , 2017

Louise Erdrich (Little Falls, Minnesota, 1954), novelista, poeta y escritora de libros infantiles, es descendiente de la tribu indígena ojibwe y nieta de un ex líder de la Banda de la Montaña de las Tortugas de la Reserva Chippewa en Dakota del Norte, de la que sigue siendo miembro activo y en cuyas cercanías creció.

Vive en Minneapolis, Minnesota, donde es dueña de la librería independiente Birchbark Books, y su trabajo ha ganado numerosos premios literarios.

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