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Información del libro ¡BUEN VIAJE! (LOS DUDUS) esta escrito en castellano, por la editorial COMBEL cuyo autor PATRICIA GEIS , 2016 ha querido plasmar en este ejemplar de 14 paginas sobre Infantil todo su potencial. La identificación oficial del libro es 9788491010647 ISBN

  • Categoria Infantil
  • Autor PATRICIA GEIS , 2016
  • Paginas 14
  • ISBN 9788491010647
  • Editorial COMBEL

Descripción del libro ¡BUEN VIAJE! (LOS DUDUS) y sinopsis completa

A new collection in which the little ones can accompany the Dudús:

Rabbit, Chanchita, Miu and Osito, in different activities of daily life, such as dressing appropriately for each season of the year.

A book with pop-up characters and all the necessary complements to acquire, playing, simple daily habits. In A Kiss Goodnight, the stuffed animals are partying, but the moon is out!

It's time to go to Tobed.

Children should go to bed with their stuffed animals, but not before brushing their teeth and face, reading a story before going to bed, and drinking a glass of water.

In Have a Nice Trip! the stuffed toys go on holiday and put all their clothes in the same suitcase.

They head towards the countryside, to visit a big city, go to the beach and ski.

What a mess!

Children should help them get dressed for every occasion.

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