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Información del libro APOLLYON (COVENANT SERIES 4) esta escrito en castellano, por la editorial HODDER & STOUGHTON cuyo autor JENNIFER L. ARMENTROUT , 2014 ha querido plasmar en este ejemplar de 400 paginas sobre Cómics infantil y juvenil todo su potencial. La identificación oficial del libro es 9781444798012 ISBN

Descripción del libro APOLLYON (COVENANT SERIES 4) y sinopsis completa

The fascinating fourth novel in the acclaimed New York Times number 1 Covenant series, Jennifer L. Armentrout's bestseller.

Enter the world of Covenant....Alex has Awakened and become the Apollyon.

She has connected with Seth and now what she feared most has happened: her true self has been lost.

But love is stronger than destiny, and Aiden St. Delphi will do anything to break the connection and get Alex back.

And then there's the fact that the whole combination of Alex and Set is pretty dangerous: if Seth takes away Alex's power, he will become God's Killer and the most powerful being on the planet.

The only person necessary to stop the impending destruction has been dead for centuries - and Alex will have to look for it in the Underworld.

Finding your way in the Underworld to search for one soul among countless millions will be quite difficult.

Returning will be even more difficult.

Alex needs to keep Seth from becoming God's killer... but the cost will be higher than he ever imagined.

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